Planning Great project experiences start with good planning.  Daman-Lechtenberger Architects provides planning services that meet the needs of our clients and is effective in the predictability of the outcome of the project or group of projects. Master Planning Daman-Lechtenberger Architects provides Master Planning services for large and small land development.  We specialize in evaluating property and designing layouts that create unique spaces, aesthetic views and functional movement through the property. Programming Daman-Lechtenberger Architects provides design programming services in assisting our clients in the creation of their facility.  Understanding the functional space requirements, space adjacencies, operational flow and aesthetic value are critical to a successful project.  We evaluate form, function, material, aesthetics and cost effectiveness for our client’s building before we proceed with the next phase of design.  With our depth of experience in various markets and building types, we can bring a national industry of proven successful standards into the programming process which is a huge advantage for the clients we serve. Feasibility Study Some developments require a feasibility study in order to determine the success of a building in a particular market area.  Zoning and jurisdictional issues may also come into play requiring special planning prior to site selection.
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