Feasibility Study
Some property developments require a feasibility study in order to determine the success of a building in a
particular market area.  Zoning and jurisdictional issues may also come into play requiring special planning
prior to site selection.
Expert Witness
Our years of experience, focusing on the design of multiple building types across the United States, has
given us a unique perspective on the design processes and construction techniques of the built
Daman+Lechtenberger Architects offers expert witness services to clients seeking assistance in the
education of Best Practices in the design, detailing and methods in creating buildings.  Unfortunately, in
the design/construction industry today, the final result may not be satisfactory to the client.  We provide
expert analysis in determining the cause and possible solutions to the correction of the problem.
Providing Architectural and Engineering Services Nation Wide
Program Management
The Principals at Daman+Lechtenberger Architects were some of the first pioneers of program
management.  The management of a client’s real estate development program requires a knowledge of
volume management methods and techniques.  As Program Manager, Daman+Lechtenberger Architects is
responsible for managing the delivery of the overall development program to meet the owner’s goals and
objectives.  Whether the development program involves a large single project or multiple projects, we
work with the client to create a process and delivery plan that involves all members of the development
Project Management
Effective project management is the key to a successful project.  Clients sometimes need comprehensive
project management services to manage the overall detail aspect of a project.  Daman+Lechtenberger uses
the experience of it’s Principals who have manage thousands of of projects to effectively manage projects
for our clients.  As Project Managers, we managed the project from the planning phase through final owner
possession of the building and close out of the construction.
Project Management services include:
•   Owner Representation
•   Team Management
•   Process and Workflow Validation
•   Schedule Creation and Management
•   Quality Assurance
•   Cost Management
•   Communication and Documentation
•   Project Tracking and Reporting
Great project experiences start with good planning.  Daman+Lechtenberger Architects provides planning
services that meet the needs of our clients and is effective in predicting the outcome of a
project or group of projects.
Master Planning
Daman+Lechtenberger Architects provides Master Planning services for large and small land development. 
We specialize in evaluating property and designing layouts that create unique spaces, aesthetic views and
functional movement through the property
Daman+Lechtenberger Architects provides design programming services in assisting our clients in the
creation of their facility.  Understanding the functional space requirements, space adjacencies, operational
flow and aesthetic value are critical to a successful project.  We evaluate form, function, material,
aesthetics and cost effectiveness for our client’s building before we proceed with the next phase of design. 
With our depth of experience in various markets and building types, we bring a proven successful
standard into the programming process which is a huge advantage for the clients we serve.
When evaluating sites, many issues affecting cost and time must be considered.  Our Principals have had
experience in the development of thousands of properties throughout the United States and Latin America. 
This has given us a unique understanding of the potential roadblocks that may arise on a project and
solutions for successful acquisitions and development of that property.  Based on our experience and
vast knowledge of the client’s requirements, we visit the site and prepare detailed statements of
probable development permitting costs, prepare preliminary project timelines, evaluate and coordinate
technical studies and expedite governmental reviews and permits.  In an increasingly difficult project
approval and permitting environment, there must be a strategy for moving swiftly through the
jurisdictional approval process.  Our Principals are devoted to developing relationships with code and
building permit officials to facilitate our client’s permitting process.  Daman+Lechtenberger offers a
comprehensive range of development services that meets a diversity of development needs:
•   Site Engineering Management
•   Site Planning
•   Jurisdictional Due Diligence
•   Planning and Zoning Representation
•   Contract Negotiations
•   Technical Site Studies and Analysis
•   Site Feasibility Analysis
•   Development Cost Evaluation and Estimating
Daman+Lechtenberger Architects offers complete multi-discipline Architecture and Engineering services. 
Our Architectural and Engineering team is licensed to practice in 49 states and Washington, DC.  The
design team has a multitude of building design experience that stretches across a variety of market
industries such as health care, retail, lodging, restaurant, single and multi-family housing, office and
educational facilities.  When required, we will team up with top design experts in specialized building
industries to provide the best solution for meeting the clients facility goals and objectives.  Daman+
Lechtenberger offers the following Design Services:
•   Architecture
•   Engineering
•   Program Planning
•   Schematic Design
•   Design Development
•   Construction Document Production
•   Facility Analysis
•   Interior Design
•   Space Planning
•   Brand Development
•   Prototype Development
•   Presentation Renderings
•   3-D Modeling
•   Construction Administration