Office Daman-Lechtenberger Architects looks at office design somewhat the same as they look at daily living spaces because that is exactly what it is.  Americans spend more than 50% of their daily life in the office.  We believe office design should not only make you comfortable so you can be effective at what you do but also create the atmosphere for everyday needs.  Daman-Lechtenberger Architects provides office development, master planning, programming, building design and space planning to meet the needs of each client’s unique requirements. 
Project Archive •   New Media Worx, Advertising Office, Tulsa, OK •   QuikOrders, Call Center, Muskogee, OK •   Warren Fisher, CPA, Office, Tulsa, OK
New Media Worx New Media Worx New Media Worx New Media Worx New Media Worx Warren Fisher, CPA Warren Fisher, CPA Warren Fisher, CPA
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